LFE is poised to be the world’s first fully integrated Football Club Stock Exchange and fan marketplace harnessing the power of the blockchain and moreover is underpinned by the LFECash token, currently available on StellarX.

Following on from its latest market announcement, LFE aims to further scale its token reach and launch LFECash on multiple exchanges, including the hugely popular Bitcoin.com Exchange.

Under the agreement, Bravio has granted the LFE Group non-restricted, access to its iGaming technology, inclusive of free to play products and potentially quick-fire monetised social Games. Bravio is assuming the development, supply and ongoing management responsibility for a “first of its kind” fully operational digital iGaming vertical, the enhanced platform is intended to feature LFECash and potentially real money related iGaming entertainment including poker, slots/casino, a fully integrated Sports Book and potentially various “quick fire” LFECash themed Keno games. Bravio also assumes full responsibility for all technical/operational and administrative support services.

Furthermore, once enhanced the LFECash iGaming platform’s aim is to support internationally recognised mega Jackpot lotteries such as the US PowerBall and the US Mega Millions, allowing any LFECash holder the opportunity to purchase original lottery tickets directly from the tokenised LFECash wallet.

The platform proposes to support a full assortment of tailored consumer games, allowing LFECash to become widely adopted amongst football and non-football fans throughout the world.

The LFE iGaming platform is to be integrated and easily accessed directly from the LFE website or any other affiliated distribution platform as desired by the LFE Group. These proposed platform entry points, should the need arise can be tailored to each LFE Group affiliate partner.

Under this agreement, LFECash wallet holders will also acquire direct access to various themed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash decentralized iGames, LFECash customers will soon have the option to pay for entry into various gaming and lotteries using either BTC or BCH as an alternative consideration to participate.