Joseph (“Joe”) Phillips
Chairman & Director

Alan Joseph Phillips is an Australian businessman and experienced Chairman with a demonstrated history of working in the online gaming industry and public markets. Joe is currently the Managing Director and CEO of the TSXV listed mining company MacArthur Minerals Limited. Joe is skilled in portfolio management, M&A negotiation, business planning, corporate finance, and strategic planning. Joe is an experienced professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in economics/public administration from University Of Queensland. Joe’s pervious tenures consisted of 16 years in gaming, overseeing government and public gaming legislation and also 8 years as a General Manager for Economic Development for the City of Brisbane. Joe also spent 2 years on the Executive Board of Energex Retail and 6 years in the Queensland Public Service as an executive of the Queensland government-owned Golden Casket Corp. (annual revenue $1B+).

David van Herwaarde
Managing Director

David van Herwaarde is a successful business man with 12 years of experience at KPMG, including 6 years as a partner. Mr. van Herwaarde has significant expertise and experience working with businesses in emerging markets, having built the Mobimedia digital business across Asia successfully bringing to market brands such as mJams music, mSocial (previously known as Matchstix), and mGames. At KPMG, Mr. van Herwaarde worked as a special advisor, focusing on strategic growth initiatives, new market penetration and corporate governance. Mr. van Herwaarde drives Bravio’s strategic direction, planning of growth and merger and acquisition strategies.

Paul Carroll
CEO & Director

Paul Carroll is currently the Managing Director of Bravio Gaming Limited and Bravio Technologies Limited, companies that conduct operations within the online mobile entertainment industry. Mr. Carroll also serves as Managing Director of Big 5 Holdings and Kool Kat Media, which also focus on mobile and digital entertainment. Since 2014 Mr. Carroll has held an executive role at Excalibur Mining Solutions Australia. Mr. Carroll has over 15 years of online gaming experience with B2B and B2C business management, specialising in corporate leadership, commercial governance, and international lottery legislation. Mr. Carroll is highly-regarded for his implementation of technical and operational digital strategies. Mr. Carroll has held senior leadership positions with several tier one organisations operating throughout the world including Europe (specifically the United Kingdom), the Caribbean, various South Atlantic Regions and, for the past six years, in Australia. Mr. Carroll has successfully guided and influenced sustainable business management procedure and group diversification strategies within these roles. Mr. Carroll focuses on customer care and responsible gaming and maintains the highest regard for the health and well-being of all patrons and employees.

Mr. Carroll also serves as a Director with The Perth Glory Football Club Foundation, one of Australia’s Premier Hyundai A-League football clubs and serves as Managing Director of Cardinal House Pty Ltd.

Yuval Ganot

Mr. Ganot has excessive experience within online gaming specifically digitalization of traditional lotteries. Over the last 5 years, Mr. Ganot has developed and successfully managed 3 global, B2C Lottery Messenger brands. Mr. Ganot was a founding partner of the lottery technology provider Lotto Yard. Lotto Yard was one of the world’s first and most enhanced B2B Lottery Messenger platforms of its time. Mr. Ganot has also over 19 years of diverse, international sales and digital marketing experience.  Mr. Ganot was the founder and CEO of the leading Israeli based Green Card Lottery Company for approximately 9 years.