Bravio is a mobile facing digital entertainment provider, focused consumer engagement and user retention, Bravio collects, harvests and analysis “big data”. Bravio assesses consumer trends, human behaviour and interactions across mobile networks and by doing so Bravio via its business to business (B2B) partnerships provide mobile phone users a variety of targeted marketed digital entertainment.

Bravio’s short term objective is to conclude the Transaction with the Corporation, reduce and stabilise the combined enterprises and reduce expenditures. Bravio’s mid to long term strategy, once the operations of the two organizations are combined and streamlined, is to continue to enhance the existing product range and scale the business by providing multiple applications to targeted mobile phone users and further engage existing mobile customers through improved digital and social media marketing, refine the technological solutions used to support such digital entertainment platforms and monetize the wide range of “Big Data Analytics” available to Bravio obtained through its customers’ interactions. Bravio operates its core business on a Business to Business (B2B) model whereby it identifies and engages with national and international telecommunication networks to which Bravio provides digital entertainment and product management services. Currently, Bravio’s main product offerings include two subscription-based mobile applications, namely:

(i) “mJams” a White Label music Application”, a music streaming and downloading service, operational throughout Asia; and

(ii) “mSocial”, a mobile facing social networking application, predominantly used by adults residing throughout Asia.